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Two General Types Of Ecommerce Email Campaigns

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    In general, there are two types of ecommerce email campaigns. One is Promo Campaigns, and another one is Value Campaigns. Please do not confuse campaigns with automatic emails. By campaigns, I mean email, that you send to the whole list or specific segments only once. Campaigns in a software are called newsletters or broadcasts.

    Some of my clients want to send only promo campaigns, and others want to see only conversions ($) for each email. Every email you send out, possibly could convert and make money, but not every email has to be sales oriented. You do not want to appear as the one having sales each or every other week.

    Furthermore, other clients want to send as few emails as possible, because they are skeptical of sending too many emails. Before I talk about promo and value campaigns, I just want to cover the topic about sending too many emails. You need to be consistent with your emails, to have great deliverability and sender’s reputation. It is up to you, but you need to send your emails on a consistent basis. I highly recommend to send them every week, as well as on the same day and time. In the footer of your emails, I suggest to have an option for a person to update his/her preferences, where he/she could specify what emails to receive and how often. This will reduce number of subscribers. If you think you send too many emails – you do not send enough.

    Let’s break down each type of the campaign, and talk about some ideas to include in those emails.

    Promo Campaign

    Tips for promo campaigns:

    1. You should have some kind of promo not sooner than 6 weeks after the previous promo campaign.
    2. You should have at least one promo campaign every 6-8 weeks.
    3. You should run the promo campaign for at least 3-4 days.
    4. The promo campaign should have the defined start and end date. It will add urgency and increase the conversion.

    Ideas for promo campaigns:

    1. Your promo campaign could be around the typical holidays like Black Friday, New Year, 4th of July and etc. There is only one problem. Everybody runs promo campaigns around those dates, so you are competing with others. However, the good part is – people expect to get discounts during those days.
    2. Your promo campaign could be around internal dates. For example, it is your 1st or 10th year in business, and you run a campaign for specific period of time to say thank you to your customers.
    3. Your promo campaign can be around your industry dates. For example, I have a liquor store ecommerce client, and we run promotions around specific wine day celebrations, such as Resling Day or Champagne day and etc.

    Value Campaign

    Tips for value campaigns

    1. The value should have minimum of branding and image design.
    2. The value campaigns should be personalized, and preferably sent from a person and not from a campaign. Something like “Amy your account manager” or “Todd the founder”.
    3. The value campaigns should not include any kind of sale pitches.

    Ideas for value campaigns:

    1. It could be a newsletter format, where you update the subscriber about what happened in the company since the last email. You could include something in a new blog post, such as: “We Hired Help”, or something similar.
    2. It could be industry specific news. Let’s take the liquor store example. Let’s say there is something in the news about wine, such as the recent study confirming wine’s health benefits. You could write a short blurb about your take on the news, and send it to your subscribers.
    3. It could be a summary of your recent blog post and the call to action for the subscriber to visit the blog post, and read the entire version.
    4. It could be a new product that you released. You do not need to sell them the product. All you need is to tell your customers why you are releasing it, and maybe tell them about some of your struggles and success moments with the product.

    Campaign Calendar

    You should have your campaign calendar and keep it up to date. In order to have time to create the campaigns, test and schedule them, you need to plan in advance. Typically, people create campaigns the last minute before sending them out. It causes them to make mistakes, as they simply do not have time to spot the later. The campaign calendar is crucial for successful ecommerce email marketing.

    Tip How To Save Money

    If you want to save money, you can create promo and value campaigns for a whole year, and repurpose them from one year to another. Is this the best way to do it? No, it is not. However, there are a lot of ecommerce owners with tight budget, and it is much better solution for them not to send regular emails.

    There is one more important thing to do before you send a campaign.

    You need to have a segment, which defines inactive subscribers, and you need to suppress those subscribers, and/or exclude the segment from the next campaign you send. You need to do this on a regular basis, and it should be a part of your checklist to send the campaigns. A consistent cleanup of your list will improve your sender’s reputation and deliverability.

    Please let me know if you have any additional question about this or any other post on our site.

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