An email campaign is a one-time send to a group of contacts — think regular newsletters, sale announcements, or promotional sends. An individual campaign can be created and sent immediately, or a campaign can be prepared and then scheduled to send at a later time.

In this episode, we walk you through how to schedule a campaign in Klaviyo.

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How to schedule campaigns in advance in Klaviyo. 

Hi, this is Andrew from Flowium, and in today’s video, I would like to share quick tutorial with you. How to schedule campaigns in advance. 

It’s very easy to do, like you can do schedule but it’s very important if you do some kind of campaigns in advance. Let’s say in one week you want to send two campaigns, one campaigns to everybody and say the second campaign to non-openers. 

How can you do it? Because it’s easy when you send it and after that’s sent, you schedule another campaign. It’s easy to do. You just exclude people who receive that email. 

However, when you do it in the future, both campaigns, there’s some, not to trig, but some information you need to know, how to set it up. And in this video, I’ll show you how to do it. 

Okay. So let’s go to campaigns. And let’s say, I want to do two campaigns. Correct? So let’s do create a campaign. So let’s do, I would say ‘Black Friday Discount Intro.’ Like calling them discount. So it’s email number one. So we have that. Let’s do this- this looks correct. 

So we have it and let’s do another one. Let’s do clone- clone Black Friday, email number two. Did not open email number one. Okay. So now we have two campaigns, correct? So this one, we’ll send it to everybody to the list. Let’s do new subscriber. Continue. Let’s pick any segments we have, let’s do this one. Save review and send campaign. Schedule. And let’s do schedule for actual Black Fridays, which is November 27th, 2015. So let’s do 7:00 AM EST. Okay, cool. And do schedule. Okay. 

So that campaign will be sent to everybody. Cancel. Okay. That campaign will be sent to everybody. But second campaign, this campaign you want to send only to non openers. It’s very easy to create the segment. Let’s say, Did not open x, y, and z campaign. 

So you do something like, um, for past campaigns, it’s very easy to do it. You just do ‘Open.’ So now, if you need to put like, where’s that place you go to? So this is how you do it. Open email, at least once over all time, where instead of ‘campaign name,’ you need to put message, ‘Message’ and you put that specific code, and you do update. And it should be zero members in this segment, since you did not send that first campaign yet. So let’ just confirm. I set everything up right. 

Yes, this is correct. So now go back to your campaigns. So this one we’ll send to everybody. And this one, we’ll do everybody and exclude… How did i call this? Right, God, how I call this segment? Did not open X, Y, and Z. Okay. Let’s rename it better. Did not… Did not opened Email number 1. Yeah. You can- you see what I did. Open email least once over all, where message equals blah, blah, blah. Okay. So in this case, we do open. Did not, did not update. One second. Yeah. Open emails your time. So this is good. Everything is good. 

One more thing, very important. For this thing to work. So let’s do… Okay. So now you need to schedule a campaign. Let’s do… So the first one we did twenty-seven on 7:00 AM EST. And let’s do 7:00 PM. Seven PM EST But not now. It’s very, very important. You need to check this box. I cannot stress enough. Like it’s very important. If you do not check this box, everything else is like waste of your time, because you will not exclude anybody. So you, it’s very important to determine recipient at the same time. 

So in other words, that segment will be updated. Klaviyo will update this segment before sending out this campaign, and then it will send out this campaign only to people who did not open that email number one. 

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