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How to schedule campaigns in Klaviyo

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    N-Y-C and today I’ll show you how to schedule campaign in Klaviyo. So first you’ll log into your Klaviyo account. You click on campaign. So on the left side, in the menu, and now we need to create a campaign. Let’s do create campaign and use video example. Okay, so then we need to schedule, a pick a list and let’s, let’s do this one and save and continue. And let’s use some kind of template. Since this is example, I will use some place holder, some standard template from Klaviyo, then review and send campaign. So, after we are done with our template, everything looks the way we want, then we, I click review and send campaign. And here you have two options. First option is to send campaign right now. Second option is to schedule. When you click schedule, here are options you have. So first you can select the date, time, time zone and also you can pick based on timezones you want, or you can have this option based on recipient time zone. And, but let’s say if a client does not know their time zone, it will be defaulted to your time zone in this case, it’s Eastern standard time. But if Klaviyo knows their timezone, you will be, they will receive email based on their time zone. And you will need at least, I believe 24 hours to schedule in advance, because if you do it, for example, sooner, it will not allow you to do that. Okay. What else? You have the determine the recipient now and determine the recipient at send time. What’s the difference between those? The difference is, let’s say you have a.. you have a segment, and you want to exclude everybody who places an order from this email. And let’s say you schedule like two days in advance. And in those two days, people will still buy from you and you want to exclude them. So, if you said determine recipient now, you will send it to everybody, including anybody who buys in those two days. But if you say determine recipient at the send time, the email will be sent to people except those who even purchase in the last few days. So it’s like the dynamic update of your segment. So sent to everyone at a specific time. It’s, self-explanatory. This one I explain you and this one is, let’s say, if you have a huge list and you do not care much when they will receive what time, but you want them to receive that email, like today. So what you can do, you can set, like send it to every hour, starting a specific time, specific day, send it to 10, 10% of your recipients. So let’s say if you have 10,000, 1000 of email subscribers will receive like 1001 hour, second thousand next hour and so forth. So this one is good if you only starting using Klaviyo because it spreads out the number of emails you send. It’s always bad idea to send the first email to the entire list. And sometime I’m testing this, like, to see if the open rate is much higher and deliverability is better. So is this how you schedule campaigns in Klaviyo? Please let me know if you have any additional questions about this video or any other video I produce. And also please subscribe to our YouTube channel because we produce this kind of video daily, and this is the good way for you to stay on top of the new update with Klaviyo and learn and develop your skills with Klaviyo. Thank you. Thank you for watching this video If you liked this video, please click like button below. Please comment below and let me know what other videos you would like to see on this YouTube channel. Also, if you’re not subscribed yet, click subscribe button below and click on the bell button to receive notifications when we release new video. We release new tutorial every day and educational video every Thursday.

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