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How to Choose the Right Email Marketing Program for my Business in 2021

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Would you like to pick the best email marketing software specifically for you and not some general recommendation from the internet?

    When you search on YouTube for the best email marketing software you will find hundreds of answers and hundreds of videos. However, those videos are not a tailor to you, to your business. I don’t know you. I don’t know what kind of business you have. So I cannot give you any recommendation. However, I can give you a framework that will guide you to pick the right tool for you.
    And at the end of this video, of course, I will provide some recommendations based on a group of people but I will not create this video around one tool and tell you, yeah, this is the best tool for everybody because I don’t believe the best tool for everybody. I believe each tool is unique for a specific group of people. So let’s start.

    The tool you want to use you should be able to test for free

    The first criteria is, first of all, the tool you want to use you should be able to test for free. If they do not provide free version, I do not recommend for you to waste off your time. Even the demo, live demo or recorded demo is not good enough. You should be able to test the tool for free.

    Probably 90% of all email marketing software are providing you this option to use their tool for free up to certain amount of subscribers you have or give you a specific number of days, like 14 days or 30 days. And you can test the tool.
    So this is the criteria number one. If you’re not able to test this for free just disregard that software at all.

    What kind of business are you?

    Second criteria: what kind of business are you? Are you e-commerce, construction company are you a dental, are you a lawyer, are you a life coach? Who are you? Like what kind of business do you have? Based on that, there’s bunch of different tools which will suit you better.

    And again, at the end of the video, I will break in groups some businesses and I will provide you some recommendations but this is very important for you to understand because like for construction business, you might need some kind of like newsletter and basic automation but when you do online business, you need to have sophisticated tool which will be able to do crazy automations, integrations with your payment system, with your landing pages, also those sorts of things. So that’s why you might need something a little bit more advanced than just basic tools. Just keeping in mind what kind of business you are.

    Number of subscribers

    So number three is a number of subscribers. How many subscribers do you have? Is it 500? Is it 20,000? Is it 100, 000? Because based on number of subscribers you have, it will be additional factor to pick the right tool for you.

    How often do you plan to use the software?

    Criteria number four is frequency. How often do you plan to use the software? What do I mean by this?

    Let’s say you have only 500 subscribers and you plan to send monthly newsletter. Let’s say you are a construction company and you want to send some kind of newsletter updating or some kind of promo, using software once a month is not frequent. You will have some kind of opt-in on your website. You can collect their emails and you will send out emails every month. So it means not frequent.

    What do I mean by frequent usage of that software? Is at least once a week as well as to have more than one automation in your system. By automation, I mean, sequences of emails based on certain behavior the customer did on your website.
    So keep that in mind, like frequency, like how often do you want to use it.

    Technical ability

    Number five is technical ability. How technical savvy are you? Do you want those nitty-gritty automations that you are able to change yourself and strategize or you just need like some basic framework where you just like plug and play? So you just need to understand your technical ability or your team technical ability.

    Let’s divide into categories. You’re like, yes, I’m very technical savvy and I know how to do those old-like things and I want to do those things or I don’t want to bother with it, just give me framework, I’ll put some text, some images and let run for it.


    Number six, money. Is the issue for you to pay an additional $20, $30 for email marketing software per month or not? When I started my business, even $15 per month was a lot of money for me. And right now you’re watching this video and you are answering those questions in your head and it’s not embarrassing to say to yourself, like, “Yes, $15 or $20 is too much money for me “at this point of time.” Don’t worry, in the future you will not even think about this money. You will be willing to pay even $500 per month for the software which will automatically bring you more and more money. But again, at this point, at this point of your business is 20, 30, 50, $100, is it too much or not? You want free solution or paid solution.

    So you need to understand that. And again, at the end of this video, we’ll run through a few scenarios and I will recommend you a few tools.

    List building

    And the last thing, number seven, list building. What do I mean by list building? Almost all tools have one of the features lead form or opt-in form which you can embed on your site or add like pop up on your website to collect emails. But in addition to that some software offer landing pages.

    Landing pages are dedicated pages where you can direct your traffic and people can opt in based on the offer you providing them on that landing page. So here, we just need to understand like do you need that or not? For example, in my business, we are email marketing agency and we even have a tool that have the landing page capabilities but we use our own website to build landing pages and we just add the opt-in form. And this is how we collect emails. So we do not use landing page feature. So for example, for my agency is not important. So this is where you need to tell yourself, “Do I need quickly create landing pages or not?” So it’s like additional list-building technique. Okay, so now you have those seven criteria. First is the software has to be free to test, what kind of business you are, how many number of subscribers you have at this moment? How often do you plan to use that software? Your technical ability, is the money issue for you right now to pay for additional tool or not? And list-building capabilities, advanced list-building capabilities. Do you need that or not? Okay, now let’s create some kind of group of businesses. So first category, this is where we specialize email marketing for e-commerce and let’s talk about e-com. E-com group. This is the third group. Second group, let’s do service. Service biz. Service biz businesses are… This is very generic term but let’s say construction industry, lawyers, doctors, agencies like us, like email marketing agency, marketing agencies, like anybody who provides service to others. Yes, everybody. Even e-commerce provide service. They sell products but you understand. So I’m putting service business, so e-commerce, service, and the last, coaches, influencers. Let’s just do a coach, some kind of like consultation, who sells info products. So this one sell physical products, this one info. So let’s name it info. So info products plus information. Info plus consultation. So basically this one, this is done for you. So those people are doing this for you. And this one is more like educational and this one is physical products. I think this is like well-generalized three group of businesses. If they’re anything more like non-for-profit, non-for-profit can be different. Non-for-profit can be e-commerce, non-for-profit can be service business, not-for-profit can be informational businesses. So please try to fit in those three categories. If you have any additional questions and maybe your business does not fit anywhere there please add the below. I’m reading and responsive to all questions and I will do my best to serve your better in the comments below in this video. Okay, also I pick 10 most popular email marketing software and I will do the matching between those businesses and those software. And all of those businesses matching the minimum criteria, you are able either to use it for free or start for free. So let’s start. The first one where we excel but again, you don’t have to use it because maybe it’s not a good fit for you is Klaviyo. Klaviyo. Okay, so Klaviyo. Another is Omnisend. Then we do MailChimp, we do ActiveCampaign, MailerLite And by the way, if you did not hear some of those tools, it’s fine. And I’ll explain you the benefit and downside of each tool for the specific businesses. My marker has stopped writing. Constant, let’s do a CC, Constant Contact. AWerber. So we do Drip. We do ConvertKit, ConKit. And the last one is GetResponse. Okay, so let’s start matching those businesses to this altar. By the way, let’s put in this group, I thought influencer but also like blogger or a YouTuber let’s put in this category as well because they are like similar kind of business. So blogger, Youtuber. Okay, so when you just start starting out with e-commerce so money is an issue and you have less than 1,000 email subscribers. The tools I would personally recommend to you, actually if it’s free, let’s use blue marker, if it’s money, it’s green. Okay, if you need free solution or a local solution for your e-commerce business, you do MailChimp or Omnisend. Those are your two best options for e-commerce business. Those are because they have a free plan and you are able to use each of those software. I believe MailChimp up to 2000 subscriber and Omnisend actually, you can use as many subscribers as you want but they limit you 15,000 emails per month. So those tools are the best one. In terms of paid tools for e-commerce business, the best one are Klaviyo. So this one is Klaviyo. They are here on the market. And the second after Klaviyo is Drip. By the way, if you want to learn more about Klaviyo demo, how does it work? We have much, much, much of video about Klaviyo but let’s move on. Okay, after e-commerce let’s talk about the information business because that one is easy as well. I had to do. This service-biz businesses is where you have the most option. Okay, so blogger, YouTubers, informational product, consultation, all of that. If you want free version, you can use MailChimp, you can use MailerLite. You can use ConvertKit. Let’s recap, MailChimp is free up to 2,000 subscribers, ConvertKit is free up to 1,000 subscriber and MailerLite is free up to 1,000 subscribers as well. In terms of technical ability, I would recommend ConvertKit is the best one because it’s created for creators, for blogger, YouTubers, somebody who create content and sell content or self consultation. So I would highly recommend for even free or paid version to use ConvertKit. Mailerlite, I use it for a few years. It was good but there’s a lot of limitation and I use it only free plan. And then I switched to ConvertKit for my business. MailChimp, MailChimp is good for any business here on this board to get started. It is free, it has all the capabilities that you need but when you are ready to pay for e-commerce, I will recommend Klaviyo. For this kind of business, I would recommend Drip when you have money to pay. But if you don’t have money to pay, still do ConvertKit here because it costs you a lot of money than in the future to switch from one platform to another platform. And someday that might be lost. And let’s talk about service-biz business. So you can use GetResponse, you can use Drip, you can use MailChimp, you can use Constant Contact, you can use ActiveCampaign, you can use AWeber and you can use MailerLite. Klaviyo is not good, Omnisend is not good and ConvertKit you can, but I do not recommend. So basically for service-biz businesses this is your options. So now the question is free or paid? For free version is MailChimp, MailerLite or AWeber. Well, other option, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, Drip, and the GetPesponse, they have a free trial but you will end up paying up after 14 days or 30 days. So if it’s free, again, MailerLite, MailChimp, AWeber. Yeah, those three. If you want to pay money, you can use all of them but I would like to point out what kind of technical capabilities do you have? Like you want some advanced automation, all of that or you just need something to set it and forget it. So if you just need to set it and forget it, easy to use, You don’t want to like over-complicate this so I think MailChimp would be the best option for you for service-biz business. but if you have a little bit more technical capabilities or your team, I would highly recommend ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign, this is what we use in our company. We already use it for four years. I’m very happy with them and they’re constantly updating their features, adding new features and they’re constantly working on the improvement. So this is my personal recommendations. This is what I use in my business is ActiveCampaign. And relatively comparing to everybody else, they are not expensive. Like, I mean, they are a competitor in terms of their pricing. I would not recommend Constant Contact. It’s just a massive tool which was popular probably 10, 15, 20 years ago. I think they are still stuck in that age. I’m sorry, Constant Contact, but you should work on your features. Drip is a leader in this, but what the problem was Drip, I personally believe, they are not sure where they want to play in which sandbox. Do they want to play in e-commerce sandbox or non e-commerce sandbox? So they’re are like not sure like which industries they want the cover. Like Klaviyo and Omnisend, they’re focusing only on e-commerce, or ConvertKit, again, they want to kinda capture some e-commerce and service-biz business, but the ConvertKit is popular for Youtubers, bloggers and somebody who sell information. I try my best to explain you which software is good for you but I’m sure you will have more questions so please leave them below on this video. But the bottom line, get something. Get something. Doesn’t matter. Like if it’s not even here, get something and put the opt-in form on your website, start collecting. So it is mostly start nurturing those emails like the minimum you need opt-in form and at least one automation was a welcome email. Like they opt in and say like, “Hey welcome to my list, blah, blah, blah. “This is what to expect. “This is who I am or this is what my business is all about.” This is the bare minimum and you have to do it now. Like if you didn’t do it yet, apply for some free service which for free service, Mailchimp, MailerLite, Omnisend, Aweber. Sign up for something for free, put it in work and in the future when you ready to put more energy into your email marketing, then you can start doing some sophisticated things but act today so you can start collecting those subscribers. Again, if you have any questions, please leave them below on this video. I’ll be more than glad to answer them, thank you.

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