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Content ideas for email campaigns to send in May

Written by Alissa Taggart
1 min read

In this video, you will learn about the email marketing campaigns calendar that we offer each month. These will give you inspiration and direction on what emails to write and the topics to focus on.

In addition to campaigns, there is a great opportunity to send SMS to your customers. Check our 5 Content Ideas for your SMS Marketing. 

May is a great month as it is a happy and positive month, everyone is getting excited that summer is near and the weather is improving. There are a variety of days, some of these are really important issues and some are fun days, it is important to have this balance.

Star Wars is a great day if you have products and services around films, movies and figurines. It is important that you have advertising prepared for this and also emails to send out, you could also have a discount code or a sale for 24 hours.

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