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Content Ideas For Email Campaigns To Send In May

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    In this video, you will learn about the email marketing campaigns calendar that we offer each month. These will give you inspiration and direction on what emails to write and the topics to focus on.

    In addition to campaigns, there is a great opportunity to send SMS to your customers. Check our 5 Content Ideas for your SMS Marketing. 

    May is a great month as it is a happy and positive month, everyone is getting excited that summer is near and the weather is improving. There are a variety of days, some of these are really important issues and some are fun days, it is important to have this balance.

    Star Wars is a great day if you have products and services around films, movies and figurines. It is important that you have advertising prepared for this and also emails to send out, you could also have a discount code or a sale for 24 hours.

    Welcome back to another marketing holidays and events campaign calendar, courtesy of Flowium. My name is Alissa, I’m the Senior Account Manager here at Flowium. And we’re gonna go through the calendar for May, 2022.

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    Every month we do provide a campaign calendar for your campaign calendar needs. We talk about different holidays, different events, fun, silly, serious days that are coming up in the month. So then that way, you know how to engage and connect with your customer base or subscriber base.

    Okay, let’s get started for May, 2021. So as always, when this gets sent to you, when you click the link in the description box below, you can subscribe to receiving these campaign calendars.

    When you initially subscribed, you will receive this May, 2021 calendar first, obviously because it’s the most beneficial. And when you do receive it, you’ll receive it in this format. So you’ll see the calendar with a bunch of different holidays in it. And then a color coding legend at the bottom.

    The month theme for May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s like a month-long kind of cause or endeavor. So definitely something to focus on if your company or brand falls within that kind of realm of industry.

    Again, most in-person events are canceled due to COVID. A lot of things are happening virtually. There’s some parts of the country, here in the US anyways, that are opening up. So stay tuned as and when events start to happen again. Some useful e-commerce facts about May.

    So obviously there are tons of reasons to love May it’s the start of summer. People are getting really excited. Flowers are blooming. Obviously the April showers bring may flowers, term, and you can start to kind of be outside again.

    For those of you up north, as most of you know, I’m based down in Florida. So we’ve been outside all year round, but for most of those of you that are up north, it is kind of difficult to be outside in those cold, harsh winter months.

    So happy for you guys that the weather is finally warming up, but whether it’s Star Wars Day or Hamburger Day, which we will get into in this video, there is something official and fun to celebrate every single day of this month. Make sure that you also get into summertime mode along with your subscribers.

    Again, people are getting super excited about the warmer weather, and so you want to provide them emails and campaigns and content that is really geared towards that kind of mood that everybody’s in.

    Two major holidays that are really good in the e-commerce world are Mother’s Day and the classic Memorial Day sales. So it makes sure that you take advantage of those and also get your customers and your subscriber base geared up for those big holidays. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

    First holiday that we start with is May 4th, which is Star Wars Day, May the fourth be with you? Whatever this thing is, I’m not a Star Wars person, so I apologize.

    May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, obviously classic holiday that everyone loves to pretend that they’re Mexican for the day and celebrate. And then May six is Nurses’ Day, National Nurses’ Day. This one is an interesting one to kind of bring up just because of all the hard work that all of our nurses have done over the past year with COVID going on. So definitely worth a shout out via email on that day.

    When you get into the following week, you have Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9th, really good idea to kind of ramp up for Mother’s Day in these coming, in the week prior, rather than just blasting people on actual Mother’s Day. Very unlikely that people are shopping on that day. They’re probably spending time with their mothers, but that’s why we recommend kind of gearing up for it in the week prior.

    And May 11th, Eat What You Want Day. I thought this one was quite funny, and this is just provides a fun opportunity to engage with your customers. On May 13th, Leprechaun Day. Again, another very random one, but can be fun and silly.

    May 15th, International Day of Families. May 16th, Love a Tree Day, for all of our environmentally friendly and aware customers and brands out there. May 20th, Be a Millionaire Day, who doesn’t want to be a millionaire.

    May 21st, Bike to Work Day, another kind of environmentally friendly holiday that you can kind of mention in your emails. And then the remainder of the month is pretty exciting. These are the holidays that I really liked.

    So English Premier League Finals are on May 23rd. For those of you who are really into soccer, as they say here in America or football, as they say in the rest of the world. One of the biggest leagues in the world, the English Premier League, they have their finals on May 23rd. Big, big event if you live in the UK, big event for a lot of Americans as well, who also watch the Premier League. So, this one’s really cool and exciting.

    May 24th, for all our Canadians out there is Victoria Day. May 25th, Wine Day for all you wine lovers out there. May 28th, Hamburger Day. And it’s perfect timing ’cause you’re gearing up for Memorial Day weekend. May 30th, again, for all you football lovers is the UEFA Champions League Final. So this is the big honcho game, but again, that’s only relevant if you’re into football, soccer and all your customers are too.

    And then you have May 31st, which is a federal holiday, Memorial Day. So this is the day where you have a ton of sales. When I used to work in retail at a brick and mortar, this was a big, big holiday for us. So definitely something to consider if you’re a brand that’s into providing promotional discounts during the special holidays.

    Again, guys, thank you so much for watching. Like and subscribe below, make sure that you click in to the link in the description box below, so that you can get this campaign calendar and all calendars moving forward with some cool ideas about how to continue that awesome stellar customer engagement that you’ve been working really hard on with your email marketing.

    Thank you guys so much and we’ll see you next month.

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