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Content ideas for email campaigns to send in February

Written by Alissa Taggart
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What to send to your subscribers in February?

Your monthly dose of email campaign inspiration for February. During this month, your customers are going to be flooded with campaigns around Valentine’s Day. But there are many other holidays you can use for your email campaigns this month to show your subscribers some love and stand out in their inboxes.
Watch this video if you’re looking for fresh email campaign ideas for your brand. In this video, we walk you through the key events and holidays happening in February and shares her tips on how to use them for different brands.

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– Hey everybody, Elisa here with another holiday and events marketing campaign calendar for you all. We are gonna be going over February of 2021, we are in the year 2021. So really excited to go through this with all of you. Before we get started, please make sure that you like and subscribe to our YouTube channel every single week we come out with a really awesome video that either has a campaign calendar or other ideas on how to expand and improve your email marketing for your e-commerce business. The other thing to note is there is a link in the description box below where you can actually subscribe to receive the video that I’m recording right now and also the campaign calendar directly to your inbox on a monthly basis. It’s super helpful when it comes to strategizing campaigns for your own e-commerce business. So make sure that you check that out. Again, just click on the link below so then that way you can subscribe and receive these directly and you don’t have to hunt for them on YouTube. All righty, so without further ado let’s get started. February is the month of love obviously because Valentine’s Day kind of hangs out right in the middle of the month. But the other thing to remember is that February is a month full of awareness holidays. So because we’re now starting to see a spike back in how many customers are visiting your website and actually making purchases with you. After the holiday slump, this is a really good time if you haven’t already to choose a charitable cause for your brand to focus on for the year. And it’s also a really, really good time for you to let your customers know about that charitable cause that you have affiliated yourselves with. Customers love shopping with your brand but they love to know that they’re part of something bigger than themselves and that they’re also giving back by shopping with your brand, all righty. Don’t forget that the color coding legend is here at the bottom and let’s get started. Some of these holidays are really goofy so bear with me. But again, making sure that when you’re reviewing this calendar that you’re choosing holidays and creating campaigns around holidays that make sense for your brand and actually are related. If you sell tools, hammers, things like that, you are probably not going to create a campaign about doggy date night. It just doesn’t really match with your brand. So February 1st we have Dark Chocolate Day and No Politics Day. I’m sure like myself, most of you are pretty tired of how politically fired up this last year has been so it’ll be nice to kind of get a break from that on February 1st. No politics, none of that for that day, February 2nd is Groundhog Day. I live in Florida so it doesn’t really make a difference to me whether the Groundhog sees his shadow or not but it is pretty important for those up north. So if you do have a brand that’s based up north or most of your customer base is up north in the US then definitely a fun little campaign to take advantage of. February 3rd, we have Doggy Date Night which is one of those sillier but really cute holidays and then we also have Signing Day. So this is for if your customer base has a particular loyalty to college football. This is when high school students get to commit to the colleges that they’re gonna go to play football, just as a note. February 4th is World Cancer Day. If this is something that makes sense for your brand, it’s a really good time to use some customer generated content and create a campaign around a cancer survivor story or something like that. Again, just to kind of create some customer spotlight but also share some positive news around a really negative subject. February 5th is World Nutella Day, this is actually our CEO’s favorite day of the year because he is obsessed with Nutella. It’s also Wear Red Day which is just bringing awareness for cardiovascular diseases and then also Bubble Gum Day. I’m obsessed with bubble gum so I put that in there too. On February 6th, Bob Marley’s birthday and Frozen Yogurt Day which is really great for down here ’cause it’s still pretty warm here in Florida. February 7th, we have Super Bowl Sunday. Again, leading up to this holiday or this event it’s probably a good idea to kind of get your customer base to start getting creative about how they’re going to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday or how they’re going to host a Super Bowl Sunday this year. February 9th is Pizza Day. This is one of my top five favorite days of the year. February 11th, Make a Friend Day, Guitar Day. February 12th, Chinese New Year, February 13th, Galentine’s Day. If you haven’t heard about this, this is a really cute day for girlfriends to get together and hang out and have their own version of a girl or female-oriented Valentine’s Day. Sunday, February 14th is Valentine’s Day. If you do sell anything that is ideal for couples to get each other gifts, then I would strongly recommend starting your Valentine’s Day campaigns earlier in the month or even towards the end of January. February 15th is President’s Day and then for the rest of that week, you have Mardi Gras Pancake Day. For some reason, we were obsessed with celebrating Pancake Day in college so I will probably continue to do the same. February 17th is Ash Wednesday for those who celebrate or this is the start of lent. It’s also random acts of Kindness Day. So a great opportunity for your brand to start some kind of kindness chain. Going along February 18th is Drink Wine Day. I will most certainly be partaking in this day. February 20th, Love Your Pet Day and Muffin Day. February 22nd, Margarita Day, another day that I will be participating in this February. We have World Spa Day, the following day. February 25th is Purim so for those who celebrate traditional Jewish holidays, this is like the Jewish version of Halloween kind of. And then you also have Chili Day that same day which I love meet a good pot of chili. February 27th, if you do sell supplements or you’re in the health and fitness industry, then this is Protein Day which is a really good day for you to get involved and send out a campaign to your customers. So, hopefully this helps do some research, make sure that you choose the holidays that make the most sense for your brand in particular. And again, don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel as well as subscribe to receive these campaign calendars on a monthly basis so that we can try and help you out as much as possible when it comes to creating an email marketing strategy. That’s all for today and enjoy. Thank you guys so much.

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