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February Email Marketing Ideas for 2022

Written by Alissa Taggart
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    February, the month of love, romance, but also sales and eCommerce opportunities. We are back with our monthly calendar, this time with February email marketing ideas.

    Don’t miss the chance to come back strong after the Holiday slump. January has been a little too calm? February is the perfect time to get new customers and boost your sales.

    February Content Ideas in Our Monthly Email Marketing Calendar

    This month, your customers are going to be flooded with campaigns around Valentine’s Day. But there are many other holidays you can use for your email campaigns this month to show your subscribers some love and stand out in their inboxes.

    Watch this video if you’re looking for fresh email campaign ideas for your brand. In this video, we walk you through the key events and holidays happening in February and share tips on how to use them for different brands.

    → Don’t forget to download your copy of our February content ideas calendar.

    February Email Marketing Ideas for Your Email Campaigns

    February 1 – Chinese New Year, Dark Chocolate Day & No Politics Day

    This year, China and other Asian countries are celebrating the New Year on the first day of February. It may be too late for promoting products for the New Year’s Eve meal, but you still can seize the opportunity to talk about values such as:

    • Family
    • Friendship
    • Kindness
    • New start
    • Etc.

    You can also get inspired with this year’s Zodiac sign – the tiger. It’s the best time to recommend your tiger-themed T-shirts, merch, toys.

    Also, some industries may be interested in the fact that the first day of February is also the Dark Chocolate Day and No Politics Day. Maybe it’s time to de-stress from the political situation and just treat yourself with some healthy dark chocolate?

    February 2 – Groundhog Day

    Up to you to do what you can with this information.

    February 3 – Doggy Date Night & Signing Day

    If you are selling products related to dogs, it’s the best moment to remind your subscribers that they should take a break and spend some quality time with their puppies!

    February 4 – World Cancer Day

    If that makes sense for your business, you can produce some customer-generated content to talk about this important day and cause. For example, you can highlight cancer survivor stories, encourage people to donate, etc.

    If your brand is searching for a cause to donate to, it can also be a good opportunity to choose a fighting cancer organization and announce it to your subscribers.

    Nowadays, customers like to give their money to a brand that has awareness and helps the world to become a better place. It gives people a sense of investing in something bigger than themselves, to serve good.

    February 5 – Nutella Day, Wear Red Day & Bubble Gum Day

    Wear Red Day is meant to bring awareness to cardiovascular diseases. If you are in the Fashion industry especially, you can share your red-colored pieces and explain the meaning of this day.

    Nutella and Bubble Gum Day are more fun February email subject lines.

    February 6 – Bob Marley’s Birthday and Frozen Yogurt Day

    Again, if it makes sense for your business.

    February 9 – Pizza Day

    Certainly, a day that speaks to a large part of the population. Convince your subscribers to organize a Pizza-movie night with your products, such as:

    • Pizzas
    • Snacks
    • Drinks
    • Shows, tv-shows, movies
    • Comfortable furniture
    • Comfortable clothes
    • Etc.

    You are free to be creative with this one!

    February 11 – Make a Friend Day & Guitar Day

    Especially interesting if you are selling guitars or uniting people through music.

    February 13 – Galentine’s Day

    It is a cute day to get together with your girlfriends to celebrate a girl-orientated Valentine’s Day.

    This fun concept can be a good opportunity for many ecommerces to suggest girly products or ideas to spend a self-care, female energy date night.

    February 14 – Valentine’s Day

    The February email marketing campaign everybody is expecting. Make sure to start in advance and send a series of emails preparing your customers for the day celebrating Love.

    Usually, people prefer to plan their gifts in advance. So make sure you start sending your emails at the beginning of the month.

    If your business has nothing to do with romantic gifts, you still can take advantage of this worldly famous day. For example, you can recommend alternative activities to do that day, or share the theme of Love through your brand values.

    After all, love is universal, and you cannot miss such an opportunity to communicate with your precious customers.

    February content idea examples

    February 15 – President’s Day

    This concerns the USA particularly and can make sense for some brands.

    February 17 – Random Acts of Kindness Day

    One more universal day reminding the world to be kind, to love, and to help. February email marketing ideas are a lot focused on good basic values, so make sure you are “in the vibe” and send an email campaign that will share this sense of kindness.

    It is the best time to remind your subscribers of your brand’s values and concrete actions in helping the world.

    February 18 – Drink Wine Day

    Can’t be missed if you are in the wine industry or anything related.

    Your subscribers will be more than happy to receive some unexpected offers and discounts and treat themselves to an agreeable winter evening drinking wine and talking about worldly matters.

    February 20 – Love Your Pet Day & Muffin Day

    Once more, you can spoil your pet on Love Your Pet Day. Give yourself some love too, with a nice chocolate muffin!

    February 22 – Margarita Day

    Best time to invite your subscribers for a drink!

    February 23 – World Spa Day

    Winter is still not over, and people deserve some time off in a spa. They can even organize their spa day at home, for example with your e-commerce’s self-care products?

    February 25 – Chili Day

    Bring some spiciness to your February email marketing email ideas!

    February 27 – Protein Day

    A very good opportunity if you are in the fitness or diet industry, selling food supplements or healthy food.


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