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ActiveCampaign Vs. Hubspot Marketing Hub

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    FeaturesActiveCampaign ProfessionalHubspot Marketing Hub
    Lead analytics dashboardYesYes
    Lead flowsYesYes
    Collected formsYesYes
    Contact activityYesYes
    Contact managementYesYes
    Contact & company insightsYesYes
    Software branding removedYesYes
    Custom form fieldsYesYes
    Phone & email supportYesYes
    Blog & content creation toolsNoYes
    SEO & content strategyNoYes
    Mobile optimizationYesYes
    Social mediaYesYes
    Email marketingYesYes
    Landing pagesNoYes
    Analytics dashboardsYesYes
    Standard SSL certificateNoYes
    Subdomain availabilityNoYes
    Marketing automationYesYes
    Goal-based nurturingYesYes
    Salesforce integrationNoYes
    Smart contentYesYes
    Attribution reportingYesYes
    User rolesYesYes
    A/B testingYesYes
    Custom revenue reportingYesYes
    Custom event reportingYesYes
    Custom event triggersYesYes
    Predictive lead scoringYesYes
    Contacts reportingYesYes
    Company reportingYesYes
    Event-based segmentationYesYes
    Site MessagesYesNo

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